Sunday, 6 May 2012

Sunday don't end


Church this morning, struggled as usual to get up. 
Felt like dressing a little special today, I usually don't really think too much about what to wear, but figured I chuck my new knit sweater on cause it's been cold lately. One thing I don't like about cold when you shower and it's so cold you never wanna step out, and when you do you FREEZ YO ASS OFF. Brrrr cold just thinking about it now.
Was craving THAN THAN'S Pho again. So bloody good. 
Unfortunately didn't get to eat today...bleah.
Camwhoring LOL

 Haven't worn these shoes in AGES. They are not the comfiest so I only wear it when i'm not walking around too much. I love how they look though! Amaze!!

 Had Dinner at a small italian place nearby. They're food is SO GOOD CANNOT STRESS ENOUGH.
But oh god, I feel so fkn fat now had sooo much pasta and pizza!!

 This was the Puttanesca! love olives.
2 flavours: Meatlovers and 3 color. yummy in my tummy
Gotta bring MR SEAN here when he visits! (You will love it) 
Can't wait to go back again now.....human woes...LOL

Well gotta get back to studying now, have a presentation due tmr, and i have yet to watch the movie it's on. -.- Bonnie & Clyde. Any of you seen? I heard it's pretty good, i mean yeah okay it's a classic....
Till next time my lovely readers

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  1. soo pretty! love the lashes and your brows are so well groomed !

    Laura x