Friday, 20 April 2012

Makeup your mind

Hello Gorgeous readers!
As you can probably already tell, this will just be a post on some of the products I've chosen to incorporate into my daily routine. Or not so daily, because I hardly wear alot of makeup to uni unless I feel extra crappy..

Just my quiet little Hello Kitty obsession. No biggie.
 More....alot of these were gifts!
 Oh! on the bottom left is my ALL TIME FAVOURITE scent! It's the old one called" Viva La Juicy"
Was also a present for my 16th birthday, still keeping the pretty pink box it came in.
 Okay so these products are my most used items.
Back left to right: Laura Mercier mineral powder in Sand, Lioele triple the solution BB cream, Maybelline Stiletto,Face shop Pore minizing cover up, Clinique lash power, heroine make eyeliner!
Front: Garnier bb eye roll on, majorlica majorca lash expander frame plus, Lancome definicils, random faceshop eyebrow stick.

 And these are the items I usually reach for before having a night out.
Left to right: YSL bronzer, Benefit HOOLA, Revlon blush in Smoky rose, shiseido warm trio palette, Dior lifting smoothing concealer, Graftobian HD cream foundation, Shiseido setting powder, body shop creamy concealer.

I've only recently started trying out the Graftobian HD cream that Nicole recommended awhile ago.
It's pretty good, altough, i find it abit synthetic & waxy. Even when I try to use it with the Beauty Blender just settles into all my dry patches and looks like i have a caked on face, when I only sparingly applied it. But I still choose to use it on days when my skin is quite well hydrated, and i try to always exfoliate before putting this stuff on. Also, I generally ONLY use it when I know I'm going to get my picture taken. Girls, you dont need a FULL FACE of makeup every single day when you step out of your house....
Sure, it's flawless and everything, but when you get too accustomed to wearing so much makeup, you gradually grow ashamed of your naked skin. I mean that's just how I feel about it. Makeup is great, it can make you look like a whole new you!( or even another person?) But moderation is key. To most things in life. Enhance, don't Enshroud your natural beauty. 

I don't really wear a ton of eyemakeup for some reason, or rather don't really care for eyeshadows to be specific. All my girl friends almost cannot live without wearing it on a night out clubbing, but it just looks so terrible on me. I usually just compensate  the lack of depth with alot of eyeliner and mascara. That's why I only really use this tiny sample of shisedo. Okay, maybe i'm just not skilled with shadows....and watching all those makeup tutorials hasn't really help. LOST CAUSE much.

These GOD-LIKE lashes by Ardell are my go-to lashes when I feel I need to look super polished for a special ocassion. They are light-weight, without the tacky and obviously black lash band you get with alot of cheaper sets of lashes. I really recommend you check these out, and the 120 Demi's if you're going for a stunning yet subtle appearance. :)

I'm no beauty guru like my friend Cathy. This is just what I have found to work best to enhance what   I got from mah Mama, lol.

TADA! Simple, natural makeup to suit everyone! :D 

Hope you enjoyed!

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Skincare Routine * Highly Requested!

Hey guys!

Alot of you have asked for me to share with you my skincare, so this is it.

All the products mentioned are in no way sponsored, I used my own money to buy them & have grown to love them through trial and error. Also, these are my opinions on the products, and won't necessarily be the same results you will get. Colours may vary depending on your screen settings.

For reference, my skin type is Oily/Combination.

This is where I store ALL my skincare products that I use daily. I tend to switch up my routine as my skin changes throughout the months, or even when my skin becomes very sensitive & oily due to "that time of the month" ;)

 From left to right: Aqua Label toner, L'Oreal Gentle eye makeup remover, Vichy Normaderm Tri-Activ, Vichy Eau Thermal spray, Shiseido eye& lip makeup remover, Biore Makeup removing oil, Trilogy Rosehip oil, JUJU Aquamoist Moisture cream, SkinC Repair Dew, Eucerin DermoPurifyer, Neutrogena dry-touch sunscreen(hidden),Avene Emulsion SPF 50+, Natio Renew Radiance day cream.
Right to Left: Avene Soapless gel cleanser, JUJU Aquamoist lotion. SkinC Deep Sea hydrating mask, Aesop Primrose cream, Bodyshop mattifying day cream, 99% Aloe gel, Origins charcoal mask, Himalaya herbals mud mask.

I also make my own home-made masks sometimes, when i feel like my skin needs to take a break from all these commercials products. I usually make a lemon& yoghurt mask or an oatmeal and honey mask. Depending on the needs of my skin that day. I will probably do a seperate post on how I make these masks and the effectiveness of them. The Aloe Vera gel I have is considered an organic alternative to skincare, and it's extremely potent antioxidants! It's amazing for your skin, especially if you're having troubles with Rosacea or Sun damaged skin. It really is a miracle worker! Any of you who haven't tried it PLEASE DO. I use it to calm inflammation after extractions, and it cools the face considerably, and the bumps and redness greatly subsides overnight. AWESOME RIGHT?!

I recently bought the Avene diacneal treatment that contains Retinaldehyde and Glycolic acid. These two substances combined is suppose to target stubborn blackheads and clogged pores (which is my main focus in skincare) I have yet to try it out, but i hope the results are promising! The sales lady said that it works like a dream, even though there may be a "purging period" where you skin just breaks out like craaaazzzyyy. That is kinda off putting for me, but hey, what's there to lose! If it really works, then you would have found your Holy Grail acne solution. 
 Okay enough blabbering....

It's autumn at the moment, but the sun is still a killer & it's really quite hot during the day.
  1. Wash my face with Avene Soapless Gel Cleanser
  2. Dry face with Facial Tissues( VERY IMPORTANT if you have sensitive/acne-prone skin)
  3. Aqua Label Acne Toner all over the face
  4. If i'm wearing makeup, I use the Eucerin Dermopurifyer. Otherwise( Vichy Normaderm)
  5. Another important step is SUNSCREEN! YES! YOU MOST CERTAINLY NEED NEED NEED (I CANNOT STRESS ENOUGH) to wear sunscreen. I use Avene Emulsion Sunscreen SPF 50+  Another thing to note, the higher the SPF does not mean the higher amount of protection you get. It just simply means that it offers you a longer protection period. SPF 15-20 only last you about 2 hours in the sun, as opposed to SPF 50+ which allows over 5 hours.
  6. Then i spray with Vichy Eau Thermal water, and i'm done!


  1. I use Melaluca's cleasing oil ( which is not shown above) to remove all my makeup.
  2. Then, i go back in with Biore oil on a cotton pad to remove any residual eye makeup.
  3. Again, i use Avene cleanser to finish off the cleansing
  4. Pat dry with Facial Tissue
  5. Aqua Label lotion all over
  6. Depending on how my skin feels, I either just use the Tri-Activ all over, or a hydrating mask.
  7. 2 times a week, I use a charcoal, sebum-absorbing mask, to draw out any impurities.
  8. If i have pimples or spots, i use a over the counter BP (Benzoyl Peroxide) on the whole affected area.
  9. Then i spray again with the thermal water & I'm ready for a good night's sleep :)

I hope this post has been informative & helpful to all those of you who are experiencing the same issues as me, or even if you are wanting to try out something new! 

Till next time! xoxo